Thursday, July 17, 2014

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

The Long View.  I did the best I could to
 get it all in.  I was standing in a  closet
 to get this.
I have been a roleplaying gamer for a long time.  Over the years, I have accumulated a considerable collection.  In 2012, I bought five(!) bookshelves to put it on.  The thing about RPGs, however, is that they are heavy.  Ridiculously heavy.  Break the bookshelves level of heavy.  After unfortunately multiple collapses, two of which dumped the contents onto me and one that I thought for a moment might have buried one of the cats, it seemed like time to obtain something sturdier.

Three of the bookshelves survived the crushing weight and the best two now house my actual book collection (right there on the left).  The three new shelves are industrial plastic shelving units rated to hold nearly 900 pounds each.



  1. I really don't think you are admitting you have a problem. I think you are revelling in the hoarded goodness.

    1. I guess I wasn't clear. The problem that I was admitting that I had was that my stuff was too heavy, copious, and unruly and needed a new storage solution. Surely, that picture does not reveal any other problems that I might have. Right?

  2. If you can store it, and also find it when you need it, no, you obviously don't have any other problems...But I am not sure I am a reliable witness