Thursday, August 7, 2014

RPGaDAY Part 2

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5) Most Old School RPG Owned.

Unfortunately, I no longer have my Red/Blue Box stuff.  It was lost in my move back from Louisiana.  I still have the AD&D Player's Guide from middle school, though.  It sits on my shelf held together by masking tape and a promise not to touch it any more.  Still, the MOST old School thing I own is something I picked up about fifteen years ago in a bundle of stuff given to me by an old college buddy.  It is the first edition of a (seemingly) unauthorized D&D module from Iron Crown Enterprises from 1980 entitled The Iron Wind.  It truly is Old School, complete with amateur production values, an incomprehensible faux handwriting font, and nothing resembling a plot.  On a positive note, it does have a couple of cool maps.  Also, it seems to have been popular in some circles as it got two reprints over the years.  It is a good reminder, if nothing else, of how far the hobby has come in the last 35 years.   

6) Favorite RPG Never Get to Play

This one is actually pretty tough.  If I include games that I have never gotten to play as a player, but have GM'd, then the list can get long, fast.  I have never gotten to play Legend of the Five Rings, GURPS Autoduel, Dark Consporacy, Dragonfist, Freeport, Atomic Highway...  Of those, I am going to go with Legend of the Five Rings though.  Not just because I have never gotten to play as a player, but also because my gaming group has gradually changed into a group of people that do not seen to be interested in that genre at all.  The chances of getting to play it any time soon seem remote.  I cannot even get a decent Gen Con game because they do not play the first edition, which is the one I like the best. 

7) Most Intellectual RPG Owned

By most standards, most of the hobby would be considered intellectual.  I suppose within the hobby, however, some games tackle more complex issues than others.  Certainly Savage Worlds treads less philosophical ground than say Dogs in the Vinyard.  I think my answer here, however, is going to be GURPS Vehicles.  Any game system for vehicle creation that requires the use of a scientific calculator is probably not only intellectual, but also too intellectual for me.

8) Favorite Character

While the last two were pretty tough, this one is remarkably easy.  I have been the GM for much of my gaming tenure.  As a result, I do not have a ton of PCs to choose from.  In the last few years, I have had several memorable characters:  "Wild" Bill Breckenridge in the GURPS Crimson Sky game, Phil Stonefist from Savage Star Frontiers, and my current Owen Sparks in the SW/Bookhounds of London game.  None of those characters, however, can hold a candle to my old Top Secret/James Bond RPG character Bill Phillips.  Phillips is part spy, part psychopath.  He has the subtlety of the aluminum baseball bat he carries and regularly uses to beat the stuffing out of all who cross him.  Prone to big guns, highly dubious modes of transportation, and hard living, Phillips was my college power fantasy lovingly allowed to wreck his surroundings by a permissive GM.  I would likely hate to have Bill as a PC in a game I ran, but he was a hell of a lot of fun to play.  

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